Central Westgate

Main Products Used

People Involved
: AMA Design StudioCo.,Ltd.


Contractor: Ritta Co.,Ltd., Power Line Engineering Public Company Limited , Siam Multi Cons CO.,LTD. 

Project Scope

ALPHABoard 500 square meters.
DEKORboard 500 square meters. 

Factors for selecting Elephant product
- Widely known and approved for surpassing quality and standard
- Accurately responding to customers’ desires with the customizing ceiling. 

Project owner
Central Pattana Public Company Limited 

Project Cost
10,000 million baht

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“Central Westgate” The Best Super Regional Mall in Asia chose Elephant Gypsum products for their interior design matching the concept “Big Life”.

“Central Westgate”, standing under the main concept “Big Life”, is a large super-regional mall with all-round functions and a beyond-the-imagination idea of composition. The mall scrupulously studied the community culture of Bang Yai in an attempt to blend in and become an authentic part of the district.

“Central Westgate”, Thailand’s biggest plaza, has been planned to have natural expression harmonizing within its style. With its beautiful curves, the ceiling systems and interior wall systems needed exceptional durability along with a high level of customization which delivers special properties to match perfectly with limitless imagination.

ALPHABoard”, a prefabricated gypsum board, is capable of creating patterns and impressions matching designers’ imagined concepts. Elephant ALPHAboard is a new dimension in ceiling decoration by adding particular styles, fashionable edges, ravishing concepts, reliable durability and seamless connection which allows more freedom for designers. Also, “Elephant DEKORboard”, a well-perforated board, is ideal for ceiling enhancement and expresses a scent of fascination and innovation with uncommon designs that unabashedly convey confidence and passion.

In the design process of Central Plaza, each branch always aims for completely different architecture, yet the materials, ALPHAboard and DEKORboard from elephant, remain the same in ceiling operations because of the wide range of customization, which is developed directly for individual projects. The boards, furthermore, are easy to install and can assure with certainty the quality of the outcome.  

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