Elephant Gypsum Board for INSTALLERS / CONTRACTORS


Selecting materials for safety, ease of installation and availability of products is key deciding factor for builders and installers. Our products enable you to work efficiently with easy access to materials, excellent handling and safe and effective installation systems.

Our mission is to support builders and installers every step of the way and we work closely to build relationships that provide constant feedback on how we can continuously improve. We are here to provide you with the best products, technical advice and expertise.


Elephant Gypsum board is proud to be the one entrusted to serve in numerous first-class projects participating in the change and creation of innovative walls and ceilings. We spark the origin of development with our vast range of products and solutions for the most unique of interior ideas, cozy living styles and optimized utility which are all meticulously designed for the present day and future by focusing on both operating efficiency and environmental friendliness from the perspective of an architect.