The Excel GROOVE

Main Products Used
ZOLIDwall System

People Involved
Mr. Thitipak Siriwiroj

Project Scope
ZOLIDwall System  35,000 square meters.

Factors for selecting Elephant products
- 20% saving in construction time by selecting Elephant ZOLIDwall system.
- Estimate of a 10% decrease in construction cost, composed of labor costs, rent expenses and utility costs.

Project Owner
All Inspire Development Public Company Limited

Project Cost
500 million Baht

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“The Excel GROOVE” Fast Construction, Strong and Safe - ideal for a new generation.

“The Excel GROOVE” is built under the banner “Groove your life” which is a condominium project for the next generation focusing on functions to delight specific customer groups who wish to enjoy the balance of work and life simultaneously. With facilities at their fingertips including clubhouse, fitness center, coffee gallery, swimming pool and supermarket, the Excel Groove utilizes privacy by separating common areas from residential areas, modernizing its buildings on the outside, matching with white-grey-brown tones while it forms the inside with a Luxury Loft style which is a mixture of future and elegance.

The concept of “The Excel GROOVE” is to become a suitable condominium for young blood that lives a colorful life. At the same time, the Excel Groove tremendously values the safety of residents and structure especially the wall system, which the project wisely chose Elephant ZOLIDwall for its durable construction, beautiful texture and operating efficiency. The Elephant Zolidwall possesses durability and lightweight properties which shortens the construction period since it can be installed with ease resulting in satisfaction and trust from every customer.

“Elephant ZOLIDwall” wall system is an innovative inner surface which is stronger and more durable than other regular products. The Elephant ZOLIDwall is simple to install along with being featherweight, which is vital in the construction process. The system additionally offers specialized features consisting of soundproofing for privacy, 2-hour fire resistance and temperature preservation, which helps to save on the cost of air-conditioning. Nowadays, numerous entrepreneurs of the finest condominium projects prefer Elephant ZOLIDwall for its comprehensive functions. Moreover, adopting products from “Elephant Gypsum” also acts as a guarantee of quality results, which will assure safety to consumers effecting positive decisions.

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