The Emquartier

Main Products Used
Elephant Synia Plus - 4 Tapered Edges Board

People Involved
Design 103 International Co.,Ltd.

The Mall Group Company Co.,Ltd.
RDG Planning & Design Co.,Ltd.

Syntec Construction PCL.

Project Scope
FULFiLwall 30,000 square meters.

Elephant Synia Plus - 4 Tapered Edges Board 200,000 square meters.

ALPHAboard 360,000 square meters.

Factors for selecting Elephant products
- Adaptability of Elephant “FULFiLwall” system and its properties to fit in every project’s perspective.
- A solution for endless defect fixing.
- Faster construction periods resulting in quicker project completion and greater satisfaction.

 Project owner
The Mall Group Company Co.,Ltd.

Project Cost
20,000 million Baht 

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“The EmQuartier” luxury mall belonging to “The Mall Group” located in the heart of Sukhumvit relies on wall systems “FULFiLwall” and gypsum board “Elephant Synia Plus - 4 Tapered Edges” to be the resolution of its charm and strength.

The EmQuartier”, a super luxury mall, located in Sukhumvit’s famous downtown district, is a part of EM District’s mega project which aspires to thoroughly fulfill the urban lifestyle. The elegant mall consists of department store zones, which are separated into 3 buildings that connect to each other via bridges, a theater and an office building. On the M Floor, a connecting pathway leads customers to The EM District station and The Emporium building. The G floor is decorated to embrace the scent of nature along the hallway.

With the intention of bringing “The EmQuatier” deluxe mall to life without encumbering daily life, the construction periods were planned to be as short as possible in the attempt to minimize and control the impact of the surrounding traffic and people, which is the main reason why the project lays its confidence in the reinforced lightweight concrete wall system, “Elephant FULFiLwall”.

The reinforced lightweight concrete wall system “Elephant FULFiLwall” is a new generation of wall system providing you with 30% less building time compared to traditional bricking and plastering. The wall is durable in accordance with universal standards and it possesses incredible properties including up to 50kg weight endurance per spot, soundproofing ranging between 40 to 66 decibels, earthquake resistant up to level 6 on the Richter scale and fire resistant for up to 2 hours and 45 minutes. Moreover, Elephant brand is the first and only company permitted with copyright license to use Multi-Layer innovation in FULFiLwall which helps decrease the pressure of inner cement resulting in a thoroughly smooth and equal surface. 

Furthermore, The EmQuatier is confident in choosing “Elephant Synia Plus - 4 Tapered Edges Board” to boost their design to its maximum attractiveness with elegantly smooth, seamless connections and unnoticeable joints, even in broad light because of the perfectly sloped edges created specifically for plastering.  

The construction of “The EmQuatier” was successfully completed within an amazingly short time period, with stunning visuals which has quickly turned it into one of the most popular malls in Bangkok. Thus, both “FULFiLwall” and “Elephant Synia Plus - 4 Tapered Edges Boards” are able to accomplish their objectives of durability, strength, attractiveness and efficiency.