Ramathibodi Hospital

Main Products Used

People Involved
Interpac Co.,Ltd.

Interpac Co.,Ltd.


Project Scope
MULTIwall 50,000 square meters.

Factors for selecting Elephant products
- Gypsum wall system “Elephant MULTIwall” has customizable soundproof quality matching with noise standard requirement for each room.
- Lightweight wall system fits for regular modification because of simplicity comparing to traditional bricking and plastering.
- Gypsum system bears no complicate installing method which acts as a time-saver.

Project Owner
Ramathibodi Hospital

Project Cost
5,000 million Baht

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Ramathibodi Hospital pleasantly renovates its interior with gypsum wall system “Elephant MULTIwall”.

Ramathibodi Hospital has a long history as a medical care provider. The hospital regularly improves its structure and interior designs to support its growing number of patients. As a very important hospital, medical operations cannot be interrupted during the modifying processes. Thus, the importance of material selection is required in order to optimize utilities and treatments provided and administered to patients.   

With the strict requirement of service mobility during the renovations, Ramathibodi Hospital trustfully selects “Elephant MULTIwall”, a revolutionary type of gypsum wall system which is specially developed to be adaptive the infinite possibilities of creation with its ideally smooth, crack-free surface. Its durability can safely be withstood without supporting structure resulting in time and cost saving compared to other traditional products. Furthermore, Elephant MULTIwall passes BS 5234 standards to ensure its strength quality, while the system is also capable of fire and soundproofing, making its interiors safe and noise free. Thus, Elephant MULTIwall is an unparalleled match for hospitals, which seek for frequent improvement according to their soundproofing, weight, adaptability and utility.

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