Elephant T-bar (G)

Elephant T-bar (G)

Elephant T-Bar Ceiling Gypsum System is high quality and is manufactured from Hot-Dip Steel Galvanization by the use of modern technologies as well as a new clip design that allows for faster and easier installation. This ceiling system is standard qualified, has a beautiful appearance, strong, durable and has a higher load bearing capacity. It is suitable for installation in an office, factory, shop or residence and suitable to install together with Elephant T-Bar Ceiling Tiles and Acoustic Boards.

Elephant T-bar ceiling grid system is gypsum (G) grid system that suits to install with Elephant T-bar ceiling tiles and Galaxy Acoustic ceiling tiles.

Special Features

  • Using modern technology and machine manufacturing for best quality.
  • Comes with a flat-white coat at the grid’s front to reduce light reflection and provides a seamless beauty to the ceiling board.
  • The grid system is made from standard quality zinc-coated metal and includes an anti-rust feature.
  • Minor grid comes with special registered patent clips providing convenience in detaching it from the main grid without needing any tools.
Technical Information
  • Made from zinc-coated metal (Hot-dip Galvanized Steel) standard quality JIS G3302.
  • Double layer 3.5 mm. thick T-shaped metal.
  • 24 mm. width with white Epoxy coating.
  • Available in 32 mm. and 38 mm. height.
  • Main grid system available in 38 x 24 x 3630 mm. and 32 x 24 x 3630 mm. size.
  • Minor grid system available in 25 x 24 x 1210 mm. and 25 x 24 x 605 mm. with Quick-release clip.
  • Edge grid system available in 22 x 22 x 3000 mm. size
  • Ability to support weight, test certified according to ASTM C635 Standard.
Ceiling tiles that are compatible with Elephant T-bar gypsum systems
  • Elephant VinylTouch ceiling tile.
  • Elephant ColorTouch ceiling tile.
  • Elephant TexturTouch ceiling tile.
  • Elephant PaperTouch ceiling tile.
  • Galaxy patterned USG acoustic ceiling tiles.

Information provided are for reference purpose only and due care has been taken to ensure accuracy at time of publication. Products, specifications and requirements may vary according to geographical locations and applications. As each project is unique, please contact your local Siam Gypsum representative for further assessment.